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Nuclear reactions are one of the most important topics in nuclear physics. Their study is essential to deepen our knowledge about the nuclear interaction or about the structure of radioactive nuclei, especially far from stability. This also enables the experimental or theoretical determination of reaction rates, used as inputs in other fields of physics such as nuclear astrophysics, nuclear power generation, or radioactive isotope production.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the latest advances in the field of nuclear reactions, covering both theoretical and experimental developments, fundamental and applied aspects. Recent progresses on low-energy reactions between light nuclei will be, in particular, highlighted. The main topics of this workshop will be:    

exotic nuclei via direct and indirect reactions: theory and experiments;

clustering effects in bound states, resonances and collisions; 

microscopic models for structure and reactions;

ab initio description of few-body reactions;

nuclear reactions relevant for astrophysics and cosmology. 

This workshop is dedicated to Pierre Descouvemont.

Organisers: J. Dohet-Eraly (ULB), C. Semay (UMONS), M. Sferrazza (ULB) and J.-M. Sparenberg (ULB).

The organisers of the meeting thank the sponsors: F.R.S-FNRS, International Solvay Institutes, and ULB.




Application for this event is currently open.