Invited Seminars

IIHE online seminar: Uncovering critical structures in strong interactions

by Prof. Marek Gazdzicki (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main and Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce )





The talk briefly presents history,  status and plans of the search for critical structures in high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions - the onset of fireball, the onset of deconfinement and the critical point of strongly interacting matter.  Firstly, basic ideas are introduced, the history of the observation of strongly interacting matter in heavy ion collisions is summarized and the path towards the quark-gluon plasma discovery is sketched.  Secondly, the status of the search for the critical structures is presented - the discovery of the onset of deconfinement, indications for the onset of fireball and still inconclusive results concerning the critical point.  An attempt to formulate priorities for future measurements - charm quarks vs the onset of deconfinement and detailed study of the onset of fireball - closes the presentation.

Short bio prof. Marek Gaździcki  is the initiator and spokesperson of the NA61/SHINE at the  CERN SPS. He, along with Mark Gorenstein predicted the threshold energy of the quark-gluon plasma  production  in high energy nucleus-nucleu collisions. These predictions have been confirmed by the NA49 experiment at the CERN SPS within the energy scan programme which was started by him and Peter Seyboth. More info on wikipedia.
Meeting ID: 821 6674 8581 (060922)


Organized by

Ioana Maris and Steven Lowette