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IIHE invited seminar: Search for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays from Space with the JEM-EUSO program: challenges and perspectives

by Prof. Mario Bertaina (University of Torino)

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Abstract: The origin and nature of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (UHECRs) is still a hot topic in contemporary astroparticle physics. To give an answer to these questions is rather challenging because of the extremely low flux of a few per km^2 per century at extreme energies (i.e. E > 5x10^19eV).

A super-wide-field telescope looking down from space onto the night sky to detect UV photons emitted by Extensive Air Showers (EAS) generated by UHECRs in the atmosphere might provide an effective contribution to the solution of this difficulty. However, such a measurement has to deal with several challenges compared to a ground-based observation.

During this seminar, after a brief review of the main open points in UHECR science, the challenges, the methodology and the perspectives of the EAS observation from space will be presented. The JEM-EUSO program will be used as a case study to learn how to move from a conceptual study to a real mission by means of different technological achievements from ground, on stratospheric balloons and from space.


Short bio: Mario E. Bertaina is Associate Professor at the Physics Department of Torino University and has a research assignment with INFN Sez. Torino. His research has been conducted always in the field of cosmic ray science participating to ground- and space-based experiments such EAS-TOP, KASCADE-Grande, Pierre Auger Observatory and JEM-EUSO. Regarding the space-based observation of ultra-high energy cosmic-rays he is the Global Analysis Coordinator of the JEM-EUSO collaboration and member of the POEMMA Collaboration. He has been national coordinator of the JEM-EUSO project, a project of Great Relevance of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Japan in the domain of science and technology between 2012-2019. He is national coordinator of the scientific analysis of the TUS space telescope funded by INAF/ASI. He is/was local coordinator of different space projects funded by INFN and ASI (JEM-EUSO, Mini-EUSO, EUSO-SPB). Between 2011 and 2015 he has been appointed as member of the National Committee of Astroparticle Physics of INFN (Commissione II).


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Organized by

Ioana Maris and Steven Lowette