HEP@VUB meeting: 12:00 - 13:00

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room (Building G)

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room

Building G


External Speaker: Oriol Pujolas (IFAE, Barcelona)

The seminar will be done in person and it will be accompanied by sandwiches provided by the VUB.

  • Alba Romero-Rodríguez
  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Alexander Sevrin
  • Aäron Rase
  • Christian Döring
  • Dimitri Kanakaris Decavel
  • Eleni Bagui
  • Hannah Duval
  • Katarina Simkova
  • Kevin Turbang
  • Laurent Favart
  • Lopez-Honorez Laura
  • Marco Hufnagel
  • Martina Cataldi
  • Michael Tytgat
  • Miguel Vanvlasselaer
  • Mitja Desmet
  • Nicolas Grimbaum-Yamamoto
  • Quentin Decant
  • Rieesh Keloth
  • Ruben Camphyn
  • Steven Lowette
  • Victor DUMENIL
  • Xander Nagels
    • 1
      Domain wall networks in the early universe

      Domain wall (DW) networks are interesting probes of new physics. They arise from the spontaneous breaking of any discrete symmetry and they have a strong impact on cosmology. The details of the DW network evolution are crucial for their phenomenological impact, but they also represent a computational challenge. I will present a new analytic method that captures DW networks from formation to annihilation, in a certain regime. I will commemt on implications for gravitational wave and primordial black hole production.

      Speaker: Oriol Pujolas (IFAE)