GW - Pheno seminar / JC

G/1-G.1.03 - J. Sacton (Building G)

G/1-G.1.03 - J. Sacton

Building G


Series of seminars (and JC) about gravitational waves and fundamental high energy physics

Invited speaker: Santiago Jaraba (Madrid IFT)

    • 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
      Black hole hyperbolic encounters: numerical simulations and stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds 1h

      "In this seminar, I will discuss hyperbolic encounters between black holes from two perspectives. First, from a numerical-relativity approach, with a focus on the emitted gravitational waves and a comparison to the standard binary black hole (BBH) case. Then, I will touch upon the spin-induction effect these black holes undergo when the encounters are close enough, discussing the consequences this has for the field of primordial black holes. The second part of the talk will concentrate on the stochastic gravitational wave backgrounds these hyperbolic encounters generate, discussing the main differences with the one produced by BBHs and addressing their detectability with current and next-generation detectors.

      Speaker: Santiago Jaraba