Invited Seminars

IIHE invited seminar: The CMS Cathode Strip Chamber Upgrade for HL-LHC (Isabelle De Bruyn)



The CMS muon system consists of 4 different types of muon chambers: drift tubes (DTs), cathode strip chambers (CSCs), resistive plate chambers (RPCs), and gas electron multipliers (GEMs). After an introduction to the CMS muon system, the functioning of the CSCs will be described. The performed upgrade of the CSC electronics during long shutdown 2 will be covered, as well as the remaining upgrade, in view of the HL-LHC.

Short bio:

Isabelle graduated in Physics from Ghent University in Belgium and completed her Master thesis in a research group working with the CMS experiment. During her PhD (obtained in 2018) she continued her involvement with the CMS experiment at the VUB in Brussels and worked on a dark matter search using trackless jets. She then moved to CERN and started working for the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. She supervised students working on data analysis, but mostly worked on the Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) upgrade and operation. More recently, she also took up the role of Muon Upgrade Coordinator and was responsible for the operation of the CSCs.


Organized by

Steven Lowette