Invited Seminars

Hard diffractive scattering from soft color screening effect

by Roman Pasechnik (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden)

Large seminar room : 1G-003 (IIHE(ULB-VUB))

Large seminar room : 1G-003


We present a simple QCD-based model where the soft gluon rescattering between final state partons in deep inelastic scattering leads to events with large rapidity gaps and a leading proton. In the framework of this model the amplitude of the soft gluon exchanges is calculated in the eikonal approximation to all orders in perturbation theory. Both large and small invariant mass MX limits are considered. The model successfully describes the precise HERA data on the diffractive deep inelastic cross section in the whole available kinematical range and give new insights on the density of gluons at very small momentum fractions in the proton