IIHE Tracker DQM meeting

IIHE Tracker DQM meeting - Friday 04/09/2009 ======================== Minutes by Pascal Tracker DQM for Muon HLT ------------------------ ACTION: Volker starts to work with Muon HLT expert (Jean-Roch Vlimant) and Eric during the Bologna physics week to understand what is needed from the Muon HLT side. To be understood first: - what kind of tests should be run to make a diagnostic of the tracker performance when the Muon HLT does not work well - what kind of data can be used to test the tests: CRAFT ? Simulated events ? Quality Test (QT) tuning ------------------------ Nikita showed the change in expected average occupancy per module with jet events (QCD pThat 80-120 at 10 TeV c.m. energy). The change in occupancy reflects the detector geometry, but does not give a clue of the occupancy in early beam conditions (beam-gas interactions, minimum bias events). Also, the use of the QT flag is unclear: is it meant to automatically flag noisy runs, or is it only a help for online shifters ? ACTION: Pascal writes a mail to Suchandra and the tracker DPG conveners (Didier Contardo and Thomas Speer) to better define the aim of this work. Depending on the outcome of this discussion, more or less manpower from IIHE will be devoted to this topic. Timing of DQM modules --------------------- This task consists in evaluating the time taken by the Tracker DQM modules in order to evaluate the rate of events that can be logged online. Gregory will be at CERN for 1 month from September 7 with 1 week break (see availability table). Gregory will follow up this task from Brussels afterwards. Offline run certification ------------------------- Otman, as offline shift leader, is validating the run quality manually by looking at a number of histograms. It appears that good scripts existed, initially developped by Volker, that allowed this validation to be done automatically. By lack of manpower, the scripts are not maintained anymore. ACTION: Volker proposes to Suchandra, Didier and Thomas that the IIHE takes over the update and maintainance of these scripts, that would save a lot of time of the offline shiftees and be an objective test rather than a subjective judgment of the shiftee. This work package would be taken in charge by Otman and would be worth 6 weeks of service. Work organisation and stays at CERN ----------------------------------- According to the progress done, Volker calls for reports from people of the IIHE team at the relevant Tracker DQM and Tracker DPG meetings. Eric will go to CERN from September 20 until October 30. Alexis and Vincent will go to CERN from September 28 until October 30. Thierry will go to CERN as soon as possible and stay until October 30. ACTION: Volker will set up an availability table on the web, to ease the management of the group which is fairly large and where people will move a lot. ACTION: Pascal books the flats. Dates of next meetings ------------------------------- The IIHE tracker DQM working group will meet weekly on wednesdays 10h30-12h30. Next meeting will be the week after the CMS physics week in Bologna.
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    • 2:00 PM 2:20 PM
      IIHE Tracker DQM plans for 2009 20m
      Speakers: Pascal Vanlaer, Pierre Marage
    • 2:20 PM 2:40 PM
      QT cut tuning for collisions 20m
      Speaker: Nikita BELIY