HEP@VUB meeting: 13:00 - 14:00

G/1-G.1.03 - J. Sacton (Building G)

G/1-G.1.03 - J. Sacton

Building G


External Speaker: Alvaro Herraez (IPhT, Saclay)

The seminar will be done in-person and it will be followed by a small reception in the social room of the IIHE

It will be projected on-line on the following ZOOM link:

Topic: hep@vub meeting 30 May
Time: May 30, 2022 01:00 PM Brussels

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Meeting ID: 984 8232 5101
Passcode: TWjN4R

  • Abanti Ranadhir Sahasransu
  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Alex S Arvanitakis
  • Aäron Rase
  • Camille Eloy
  • Chris Blair
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Kevin Turbang
  • Maria Knysh
  • Maxim Pavlov
  • Philip Hacker
  • Sam Junius
  • Soumya Dansana
  • Steven Lowette
  • Viktor Crabeels
    • 13:00 14:00
      The Swampland Program: From Quantum Gravity to Low Energy Constraints 1h

      The Swampland is the set of seemingly consistent low-energy Effective Field Theories (EFT) that cannot be consistently coupled to Quantum Gravity. In this talk I will introduce some of the conjectural properties that effective theories should possess in order not to fall in the Swampland, and present some potential applications to particle physics.

      Speaker: Alvaro Herraez