HEP@VUB meeting: 11:00 - 12:00

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room (Building G)

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room

Building G


External Speaker: Miguel Vanvlasselaer (SISSA, Trieste)

The seminar will be done in-person and it will be preceded by a small welcome in the social room of the IIHE

  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Aäron Rase
  • Iason Baldes
  • Laura Lopez Honorez
  • Maxim Pavlov
  • Ondrej Hulik
  • Sam Junius
    • 11:00 AM 12:00 PM
      Production of heavy states in bubble expansion and baryogenesis 1h

      We study the interaction of bubble walls with the plasma in the context of relativistic expansion and we show that states possibly much heavier than the nucleation temperature can be produced. Those states being naturally far away from equilibrium, they can produce baryogenesis. We show how the CP violation from CP phases occurs inside of the wall and we provide two models of successful baryogenesis (at high and low T). We conclude by studying a model of the EWPT with relativistic bubble walls.

      Speaker: Miguel Vanvlasselaer