HEP@VUB event: Poster session

Lounge bar

Lounge bar


The poster session will take place in the Lounge bar, and drinks and snacks will be provided. Everyone is invited to present a poster that they made for a conference or workshop this year. If you are interested in showing your poster, please indicate this in the registration form.

The Lounge bar is located here


  • Abanti Ranadhir Sahasransu
  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Alex S Arvanitakis
  • Alexander Sevrin
  • Alexandre De Moor
  • Ben Craps
  • Ben Gellaerts
  • Denise Muller
  • Dieder Van den Broeck
  • Dimitri Kanakaris Decavel
  • Eduardo Ploerer
  • Enrique Huesca Santiago
  • Felix Heyen
  • Jorgen D'Hondt
  • Juan Hernandez
  • Katarina Simkova
  • Kunal Gautam
  • Maria Knysh
  • Maxim Pavlov
  • Miguel Vanvlasselaer
  • Mikhail Khramtsov
  • Mitja Desmet
  • Nordin Breugelmans
  • Philip Hacker
  • Rieesh Keloth
  • Rose Stanley
  • Ruben Camphyn
  • Simon De Kockere
  • Simone Blasi
  • Soumya Dansana
  • Xander Nagels
  • Yarno Merckx
    • 4:30 PM 6:30 PM
      Poster session 2h

      Presented posters:

      • Soumya Dansana, "Triggers for Higgs to low-mass scalars search in Run-2 & Run-3"
      • Simon De Kockere, TITLE
      • Mitja Desmet, "Structure recognition in LOFAR lightning data"
      • Enrique Huesca Santiago, TITLE
      • Alberto Mariotti, TITLE
      • Yarno Merckx, TITLE
      • Philip Hacker and Maxim Pavlov, "Bounds on quantum evolution complexity via lattice cryptography"
      • Eduardo Ploerer, "Jet flavour tagging at FCC-ee"
      • Abanti Ranadhir Sahasransu, "CMS Run 3: Trigger displaced electrons using electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL)"
      • Rose Stanley, "The Radar Echo Telescope for cosmic rays and neutrinos"