HEP@VUB meeting: 12:00 - 13:00

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room (Building G)

G/0-G.0.20 - Neutrino Room

Building G


External Speaker: Lorenzo Sestini (INFN-Padova)

The seminar will be done in person and it will be accompanied by sandwiches provided by the VUB.

  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Denise Muller
  • Eduardo Ploerer
  • Enrique Huesca Santiago
  • Felix Schlueter
  • Indrani Jayam
  • Itana Bubanja
  • Katarina Simkova
  • Kunal Gautam
  • Kyeongpil Lee
  • Laurent Favart
  • Martin Delcourt
  • Max Vanden Bemden
  • Maxim Pavlov
  • Miguel Vanvlasselaer
  • Mitja Desmet
  • Rose Stanley
  • Senne Van Putte
  • Simona Toscano
  • Sofia Zhidkova
  • Soumya Dansana
  • Steven Lowette
    • 12:00 PM 1:00 PM
      Higgs Physics at the Muon Collider 1h

      The Muon Collider can be considered the dream machine for Particle Physics: it puts together the precision of lepton colliders with the energy frontier typical of hadron colliders, opening new possibilities for Physics measurements.
      Muon collisions at multi-TeV center of mass energies are ideal for studying Higgs boson properties, at these energies the production rates will allow precise measurements of its couplings to fermions and bosons. In addition the double and triple Higgs boson production rate could be sufficiently high to directly measure the self-couplings, giving access to the determination of the Higgs potential.
      In this seminar an overview of the Muon Collider project will be given, in particular the main challenges from the detector side will be highlighted. Then the prospects on Higgs Physics, obtained using a detailed simulation of the Muon Collider experiment, will be presented. These results will be compared with what is foreseen by other proposed facilities.

      Speaker: Dr Lorenzo Sestini (INFN (Padova))