Dosimetry for FLASH protontherapy, by Indrani JAYAM

    • 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
      Dosimetry for FLASH protontherapy 30m

      Recently, a new method of dose delivery has shown extremely promising results in the sparing of normal tissue with little reduction in tumour control. Termed FLASH radiotherapy, this technique involves delivering the same treatment dose but in much shorter time intervals — fractions of a second as opposed to minutes — and in far fewer fractions (or even a single fraction) and therefore at dose rates that are thousands of times higher than conventional radiotherapy.
      In these extreme irradiation conditions, the monitoring and the measurement of the dose delivered to the patient has to be very reliable and accurate.
      In this presentation I will present the challenges of the existing dosimetry devices (Asymmetric Ionizing Chambers) and our researches to overtake them.

      Speaker: Indrani Jayam (ULB)