Invited Seminars

IIHE invited seminar: Study of hadron structure in ultra-peripheral collisions at the LHC (Charlotte Van Hulse)


The study of exclusive processes in lepton-hadron interactions and in ultra-peripheral hadron-hadron collisions provides information on the three-dimensional distribution of quarks and gluons as a function of their longitudinal momentum and transverse position inside the hadron. Here, the longitudinal direction corresponds to the direction of the probe used to investigate the hadron. An introduction will be given as to how exclusive processes in ultra-peripheral hadron-hadron collisions provide access to the internal structure of the nucleon, and relevant experimental results will be discussed. Where applicable, parallels with measurements in lepton-hadron interactions will be highlighted.

Short bio:
Charlotte Van Hulse is a professor at the University of Alcala in Spain. She did her PhD at Ghent University, where she studied exclusive and semi-inclusive QCD processes in lepton-hadron collisions at the HERMES experiment, at DESY, Hamburg. Subsequently she studied hadron formation in e+e- collisions, at the Belle experiment in Japan, and performed studies for a fixed target at ALICE. Nowadays she focuses on QCD (exclusive and semi-inclusive processes) at the LHCb experiment as well as feasibility/R&D studies for the future electron-ion collider at BNL, USA.

Organized by

Steven Lowette and Michael Tytgat